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Can't wait for tonight! Hope it's a calm day and I know it will be a fabulous ceremony and reception. See you tonight!
from: Piper
8/13/2011 10:59:44 AM
I'm prepared...
from: MacGyver
8/8/2011 6:21:59 PM
I couldn't be happier for you two! I'm so excited to celebrate this amazing day with you both. Page is very nicely done!
from: Lindsay Estacio
7/5/2011 3:15:27 PM
Hi guys! Fred and I are so excited to come to NYC for your big day. Can't wait to see you!
from: Wendi Cortez
6/24/2011 9:34:23 AM
Great site! I especially love the part about how you two met, although I remember hearing a different version... can't wait to be back and be a part of everything!
from: Molly
5/22/2011 8:02:12 PM
I am so excited to be a part of this event. Looking forward to sharing in your special day!
from: Derron Harris
4/11/2011 9:46:00 PM
Oh My... what a beautiful presentation of your upcoming nuptials!A love story in the making!
Love you
Aunt Dorothy
from: Dorothy Liddick
4/3/2011 7:05:01 PM
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